Elton John Orchestrating His Own Biopic

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Some famous figures would rather be dead and buried before their lives get dissected onscreen, reenacted and open for criticism. But Elton John has always marched to the beat his own drum -- he has not only given his blessing to Hollywood to make a film about his life and career...  he's helping to develop it.

According to NME (via Collider), Lee Hall is penning the screenplay, though the film does not yet have a director or a star.  John says it won't be the typical biopic, but something as crazy and flamboyant as the singer himself. 

"It will be more of a fantasy, 'Moulin Rouge' type of stuff. My life’s been so surreal from buying a football club to god knows what."

John's career really is ideal for the fantastical treatment. From his beginnings playing piano in pubs, to selling out Wembley Stadium, his crazy costumes and his addictions, it would be a whirlwind ride of a movie.  John was friends with many of the biggest musicians of the 1970s and 1980s, so it could be quite a star-studded film with actors dropping in to play Billy Joel, Freddy Mercury or Rod Stewart.

With the recent addition of baby Zachary to his life, it would even have an upbeat, adorable, and quiet ending. Our ticket is already bought.