Natalie Portman as a Teen: Singing, Dancing, Being Awesome

[caption id="attachment_27551" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Natalie Portman at the 2011 Golden Globes[/caption]

Audiences and critics both knew they were watching something special when Natalie Portman burst onto the scene in 1994's "The Professional." The actress gave that film's R-rated action an unexpected emotional depth -- and she was only 12 years old to boot!

Unlike many of her fellow child thespians, she continued to earn our respect through the '90s appearing in films for Michael Mann, Tim Burton and Woody Allen, proving that she was multi-talented before her Academy Award-worthy pirouettes in "Black Swan."

But before Princess Amidala grew up to become the Oscar-nominated actress she is today, there's one piece of footage you most likely haven't seen...

E! Online got their hands on footage of the Golden Globe winner playing Sally Bowles in a stage production of "Cabaret" at New York's Center Stage theater camp in 1996. Never mind that Natalie can act, dance and even sing (as this clip demonstrates) - what we really want to know is how she manages to do all that and simultaneously pull off the impressive feat of not aging a day since then!

This was also the same year she appeared in the film "Everyone Says I love You," and this footage proves why, 15 years later, everyone still does.

Check it out HERE at E! Online!