Talib Kweli Reviews 'The Fighter'

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"The Fighter" has gotten stellar reviews from critics, done solid business at the box office, and racked up seven nominations from the Academy Awards (despite the dubious snubbing of Mark Wahlberg).

But what does Hip Hop Nation think of this boxing biopic about "Irish" Micky Ward and starring one of its alumni (kids, you may not know this, but Mark Wahlberg once rapped, called himself Marky Mark, hung out with friends he dubbed The Funky Bunch, and regularly dropped his pants on stage)?

That's the kind of question we find ourselves asking at NextMovie. To find out, we enlisted one of Hip Hop's most acclaimed and prolific lyricists, Talib Kweli, to record his take on the film.

Our only regret? Not asking how many Black Stars he'd give it out of four. (OK, you're right. He'd probably not saying anything at all and instead just glare at us like we're idiots.)

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