Donald Glover, Spider-Man After All?

[caption id="attachment_13107" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Donald Glover[/caption]

Hey guys, remember a few months ago when the internet was abuzz with the possibility that Donald Glover, the breakout star on NBC's hit comedy "Community," would be playing Peter Parker in the new "Spider-man" reboot? Of course, most of that buzz was generated by Glover himself, who was actively stumping for the part, but it soon went viral, with literally trillions of people jumping on the "Glover for Spider-man" bandwagon.

Well, Sony may have decided to go with "The Social Network's" Andrew Garfield instead, but thanks to the folks over at BuzzFeed, you can stop imagining what a Gloverfied Spidey would have looked like -- because they've done all the imagining for you with a great picture of Donald rocking the signature red-and-blue Spidey jammies.

Keep the faith, guys. After all, if Garfield flops, there's sure to be another reboot down the road. Vote Glover for Spidey in '16!