Jeff Bridges' 'True Grit' Dialogue Translated to English

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The Coen Brothers' "True Grit" is a bona fide success. Just this weekend prior the western wrangled the number one spot at the box office from the grubby, cold hands of "Little Fockers," hogtying Ben Stiller behind City Hall.

We wager the next step for these men in boots is striking gold at the Oscar mine out west. Talkie star Jeff Bridges seems to lasso the buzz without so much as breaking a sweat on that creased, dusty foreheads of his.

And for what? The craft of a thespian? You folks suppose this boot clicker warrants the sweetest flattery from the girls at the saloons and men at the news rags? Did he so break down and reassemble the human condition with those gravely lines of dialogue that we humble servants of God must show him our best respect with a fine award and a pat on the back?

Or was this man just carving up words on the fly? Like some quick speaking city slicker?

Respected news source and kings of fart gags College Humor investigate:

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