Colin Farrell Will Get His Ass To Mars In 'Total Recall' Remake

[caption id="attachment_25959" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Colin Farrell[/caption]

Colin Farrell will soon be looking for the bastards that stole his mind.

The "In Bruges" actor has long been rumored to be involved in the planned remake of "Total Recall," director Paul Verhoeven's bug-eyed crazy sci-fi flick. Now, producer Neal Moritz has told Collider that Farrell has indeed been cast in the lead role (making it his second film based on a Philip K. Dick story, following "Minority Report").

Even bigger news is that "Total Recall" will not be filmed in 3-D.

"We're not gonna do 'Recall' in 3-D, we decided that it would be too much," says Moritz. "Each movie is kind of just a completely individual decision. We did a test on 'The Fast and the Furious' in 3-D and it just was too much. I think for certain movies it's great and other movies it's just not right."

We agree whole-heartedly, Mr. Moritz.

If you're having trouble conjuring memories of 1990's "Total Recall," we can remember it for you wholesale: Near the end of the 21st century, a company called "Rekall" offers the perfect vacation package in the form of implanted memories. A seemingly mild-mannered construction worker (as mild-mannered as Arnold Schwarzenegger can be) signs up for the Mars package and discovers that he's actually a freedom fighter from the Red Planet that's been relocated to Earth to take down various corrupt powers in government and big business. It also has a mutant coming out of Marshall Bell's stomach (Kuato!).

We hope Farrell gets to recreate the scene where Arnold freaks out after being implanted with the memories and punches about two dozen doctors before finally being sedated.

"Total Recall" begins production on May 15 in Toronto under the direction of Len Wiseman ("Underworld," "Live Free or Die Hard," husband to Kate Beckinsale).