Best (Worst) Twilight Tattoo Ever

[caption id="attachment_25644" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="M & Y / Daily Mail"][/caption]

Take a close look at this picture, found on Buzzfeed, of our new favorite Twilight fan. Okay, look closer, because you probably aren't grasping the awesomeness with that casual glance. Absorb every last pixel. Good? Now allow us to take you on a guided tour.

First: This is a woman and she is a huge fan of Twilight. You can tell she's a woman by looking in the mirror. You can tell she's a huge fan of Twilight because there's a huge, like "We need a bigger back" huge, tattoo featuring the boys and girls of Twilight starting at her waist and creeping up her spine to the nape of her neck. Her hands are covering her breasts and possibly more tattoos. If we had to guess, any other tattoos would prominently feature Edward Cullen because….

Second: She has two and a half Edward Cullens heads tattooed to her back. There's the first one, the large Edward in the "New Moon" tableau; the second Edward is head butting Bella; and the half-Edward is the beak nose figure lurking above her right kidney.

Third: The purple flower: what does it mean?

Fourth: Look at the center of the photo. Now slowly raise your eyes to the top of -- IT'S A CAT! Who's he looking at? You? Us? He's seen so much, that cat. Things he can't unsee.

Fifth: Butt crack.

And sixth: Admit it. You wish you could love something this much. We sure do.