2010′s Box Office as Helpful Technicolor Chart

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People like year-end Top 10 lists because they're subjective and can be argued about in the comments section deep into February.

People have a harder time analyzing box office charts. They are objective. These are routed in numbers, which are intractable and for some impenetrable. This film was the most successful because it made the most money. No questions asked.

The "Movie Box Office Charts" at xach.com manage to spice up the usually colorless business of gross ranking with their colorful charts. The design is fluid, weaving together each week's top 25 in quilted rainbow representing billions of dollars.

Each week's cluster of releases is assigned a unique color. Colors are assigned in the spectrum of a rainbow. As a film continues to find success, its color begins to stand out against newer releases. For example: "Avatar", a red film, bleeds past the weeks of orange, yellow and green films into the blue films, holding strong in the top 25 from December into May.

Charts like this make analysis easier for those of us without math degrees. Some films that weren't clear winners had other things going for them, like longevity. And other films that bolted out of the gate fizzled out after a couple weeks.

Reading charts may never be as fun as arguing over your favorite movie, but good work like this makes analysis possible for numbers newbie -- that's commendable.

See the full-sized version here.