See the (All)Stars: Chuck Taylors in Film

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The Chuck Taylor All-Star has been around almost as long as film itself. First created in 1917, it at least predates "the talkie." 

Since Converse first slapped canvas and rubber together to create the shoe, it has been worn everywhere from the basketball court to the Oscars.  It still remains an unchanging staple of fashion and never seems to have faded from the public eye. 

So you would imagine there's probably a lot of films that feature a lot of characters wearing these sneakers. You would be right.  The Chucks Connection is your guide to this phenomenon, featuring every movie that ever had Chucks in it, from 1961's "The Absent Minded Professor" to 1985's "The Zoo Gang" and hudrends of movies in between.

Each movie is rated one to four Chucks (natch) and usually features screen shots to boot (pun somewhat intended).

"Back to the Future"

"Harry Potter"

"Weekend at Bernie's"