Shia LaBeouf May Head to Oliver Stone's 'Pinkville'

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In 2007, director extraordinaire Oliver Stone was prepping to shoot the Vietnam War film, "Pinkville," when that pesky writers' strike derailed production. Though Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson were slated for the leads, it still looked as if the movie might be dead in the water.

Until now.

Stone recently revealed that he and "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" star Shia LaBeouf have been discussing a possible reunion to resurrect "Pinkville," Collider reports.

LaBeouf is drawn to the story because his father was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Early speculation places the star in the role of Hugh Thompson, who was a helicopter pilot just like LaBeouf's dad, as well as a true war hero.

Thompson came upon the My Lai Massacre on March 16, 1968—in which 350-500 unarmed South Vietnamese citizens were being beaten, tortured and murdered by a U.S. Army unit—and did everything he could to evacuate the survivors and convince his fellow soldiers to stop.

While twenty-six soldiers were initially charged with criminal offenses for their actions at My Lai, only one was convicted.

Public outcry led General William R. Peers to be appointed to investigate the massacre and its cover-up, and that is the story "Pinkville" aims to tell.

If Bruce Willis sticks with it to portray Peers and LaBeouf delivers like he has been, we could have the next great war movie at our fingertips.

Stone has certainly fought for it.