Dan Brown Takes Over 'Lost Symbol' Screenplay

[caption id="attachment_23733" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Anchor"]"The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown[/caption]

Superstar mystery author Dan Brown has taken over writing duties on the movie adaptation of his latest book, "The Lost Symbol," in which Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon gets mixed up with the Freemasons in Washington, D.C.

Published in 2009, the book sold more than a million copies in its first day on shelves, confirming that Brown's sure-thing built-in audience is here to stay.

Seasoned writer Akiva Goldsman penned the 2006 adaptation of "The Da Vinci Code," which grossed $1.24 billion at the worldwide box office.

Goldsman next teamed up with David Koepp (whose credits include hits like "Jurassic Park" and "Carlito's Way") to co-write 2009's "Angels and Demons."

Then Oscar-nominated writer Steven Knight took the first stab at "The Lost Symbol" screenplay, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But apparently someone up there thinks Brown can do better than all three of these pros.

In the meantime, neither Ron Howard—who directed the first two Brown adaptations — nor Tom Hanks — who has become the face of Langdon—has formally signed on for "The Lost Symbol."

So it looks like we'll have to wait a while before we find out if Brown has what it takes to take a best-selling book into a blockbuster film.