‘'Twas The Night Before Christmas’ Gets The Werner Herzog Experience

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No one can imbue narration with a shroud of absurd bleakness quite like legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog. His chilling voiceovers on documentaries like "Grizzly Man" or "Caves of Forgotten Dreams" instantly turn your spine into glass and drown you in a pit of despair.

Now what if he read the most famous Christmas poem of all time? You can bet your ass those stockings will NOT be hung by the chimney with care, that's for darn sure.

Ryan Iverson has created a 2-minute YouTube video that answers this question in spades, here's just a taste…

"'Twas the night before Christmas, a season ruled by all-consuming desire... "

Iverson's impression of Herzog is dead-on, and has also done videos of "Herzog" reading "Madeline" and "Curious George." We kinda wish the man who covered Klaus Kinski with insanity monkeys, pulled a steamship through the Peruvian jungle, and saved Joaquin Phoenix's life would narrate everything.