See Pixar on Human Growth Hormones

[caption id="attachment_22397" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Carlos Illustration"][/caption]

Pixar's character design is a boon for Disney who can market the cuddly creations with mountains of plush toys and lunch boxes. But occasionally we wonder how Pixar's stars might have looked were they the stars of more mature films.

Three rogue artists saw the gritty potential of a few Pixar heroes. Rather than wait on Pixar to bulk up the beefcakes, they took the challenge upon themselves. With the help of some art tools and creative brain fluids, Buzz Lightyear, WALL-E and Kevin now look more bad ass than a Rob Liefield comic.

We can't choose a favorite. Can you? Who from the Pixar-verse would you like to see get the "warrior" treatment? We would love a Woody/"True Grit" mash-up.