'Thor' Trailer Is Like a Hammer Hitting Your Eyeballs

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Ever wonder what it would be like to be smashed in the face by Thor’s hammer? Well, wonder no more, because the first trailer for next summer’s Marvel Studios blockbuster “Thor” has arrived -- and watching it is like taking a Mjolnir right to the chops.

In the best way possible.

Starring Chris Hemsworth as the son of Odin, “Thor” tells the story of how the god of thunder is cast down to Earth by his angry dad as punishment for being a douche, a move that pays dividends immediately for us mortals as it gives Thor a chance to smite some bad guys.

All of that -- plus some hot romance thanks to Natalie Portman’s nurse Jane Foster -- is on full display in the fantastic new trailer from Marvel and director Kenneth Branagh. And fans of the comic are going to absolutely plotz when they get a glimpse of the film’s bad guy. Here’s a hint: he’s big, he’s mindless, he’s made of indestructible metal and…

Oh, hell, just watch it for yourself. Just remember to get an ice pack ready, because you’re likely to suffer some serious retinal bruising when you get a faceful of “Thor:”