Taylor Lautner Breaks Loose In 'Incarceron'

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Catherine Fisher's futuristic novel "Incarceron" is being adapted for its big screen treatment by Adam Cooper & Bill Collage for Fox 2000.  Today, Deadline has word the two writers will now have a face to put to their leading man, as everyone's favorite shirtless wolf boy has been attached to the role.

Taylor Lautner will play 17-year-old Finn, who has spent his whole life in the futuristic prison society of "Incarceron" under the watchful eye of the warden.  The warden's daughter has been trapped in her own prison of sorts, being held in a simulated world made to look like the 17th Century.

Naturally, Finn and the Warden's daughter cross paths via a crystal key, which allows them to communicate and plot their escape.  According to the book's description, "The two stories emerge, intertwine and, by the end, unwind in startling twists that will astonish."

With Lautner still attached to Universal's "Stretch Armstrong" and fresh off of John Singleton's thriller "Abduction," "Incarceron" puts the actor back in the type of fantastical love story his fans will be craving once the two-part "Breaking Dawn" rounds out the Twilight saga.

John Palermo will produce the film, with Lautner expected to jump into a producing role on the film as well.  Go, Taylor.  Shark Boy's come a long way!