'Office Space' Turns All Serious With 'Inception' Score

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Hard to imagine "Star Wars" without its explosive themes or "Titanic" without those mournful, celtic bagpipes -- oh, Jack...you were so full of life! Music matters.

And then there's that newest Hollywood mind-blower "Inception" (now on DVD & Blu-ray), with a score so overbearingly dramatic, you have no choice but to submit to its unquenchable demands.

If only every film could grow a pair and blast a kick-ass soundtrack, they'd surely wield "Inception"'s visceral power. Thankfully, someone on FunnyorDie has laid its face-melting chords under the trailer for "Office Space" -- a movie content, until now, to simply be one of the funniest comedies of the '90's. And the results are...

Well, it's still a movie about a couple of lovable nerds.  Well, maybe there's no way to make "Office Space" epic. But it sure is funny trying.