Hugh Jackman + Robot Boxing = Ultimate WTFighting

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Okay, here's the pitch for "Real Steel": in the near future, boxing and mixed martial arts have been replaced by an all-new, all-better form of violent entertainment -- robot fighting. Hugh Jackman stars as a former boxer who gets a second lease on life when he begins piloting a Transformers-style robotic Iron Man suit thingy inside the ring, where he takes on other angry robot people in fights to the virtual death. Our response?

Well, as Jackman shouts in the new trailer: "Bring it!"

Yes, the first look at "Real Steel" has hit the internet and we've got to give it props, because we literally didn't believe this was an actual movie until we saw the footage. It just sounds like some kind of crazy fever dream. "Hey man, let's have Hugh Jackman as a robot boxer and we'll, like, add in Evangeline Lilly from "Lost" and then everyone will shout and punch each other. It'll be awesome!"

Well, guess what? It's very real and it is very, very awesome. But don't just take out word for it; check out this new trailer, courtesy of The Playlist, and see for yourself why we just can't wait for the robopocalypse to begin: