James Franco Returning to 'Rebel'

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James Franco has found himself (yet another) cause.

The current Oscar hopeful (and host), who snagged a Golden Globe for playing James Dean in a 2001 TV movie, has optioned film rights to a new biography of Sal Mineo, the mysterious actor who played opposite Dean in the 1955 classic.

Written by Michael Gregg Michaud, "Sal Mineo: A Biography," weaves through Mineo's professional and personal life to explore how the son of a Sicilian casket maker rose to the highest levels of Hollywood stardom, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The book details Mineo's iconic roles in "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Exodus," his friendships with the likes of James Dean and Natalie Wood, his conflicted sexuality — and, ultimately, how the youngest performer to earn an Oscar nod for best supporting actor (for "Rebel") was murdered at the age of 37 by a pizza delivery man.

Franco optioned the property himself as a potential writing-and-directing vehicle. As of now, he doesn't plan to star… but of course that could change — especially if he takes home one of those shiny little bald men next February.

Of course, where he'll find the time for any of it between increasingly regular appearances on "General Hospital," attending more classes, writing short stories and a couple more movies he has in the pipeline, one can only imagine.

He can currently be seen as the rebellious (but resourceful) climber Aron Ralston in "127 Hours."