Will Armie Hammer Join the FBI For Clint Eastwood?

[caption id="attachment_13375" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Sony"]Armie Hammer in "The Social Network"[/caption]

There were a lot of great performances in "The Social Network."   But one of the most eye-catching was Armie Hammer's role as the Winklevoss twins -- it was such an eerie and seamless performance that most people thought there were two Hammer boys.

The scene-stealing turn could only lead to juicy offers, and as offers go, they don't come any more A-List than from Clint Eastwood. According to Entertainment Weekly, Hammer is in talks to join "J. Edgar" (formerly titled "Hoover")  to costar alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

"J. Edgar" has DiCaprio playing the imposing, terrifying, and legendary director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. Hammer is in talks to play Clyde Tolson, who was an equally controversial and mysterious member of the FBI.   Tolson was Hoover's right hand man, best friend, and quite possibly his lover. 

It's unknown what side Eastwood and "J. Edgar" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black fall on in the great historical debate.  Regardless of if they were friends or something more, it was a complex and intense relationship, and two good actors will have a lot to work with. There's no doubt DiCaprio and Hammer are up to the task, and Hammer's deep voice alone makes him a perfect candidate for an forbidding FBI agent. The only flaw? DiCaprio and Hammer are really far too handsome to play Hoover or Tolson, but we won't hold it against them. Good looking people deserve dramatic work too, you know.

Filming begins early in 2011. With Eastwood's speedy direction and track record, it would undoubtedly be an Oscar candidate by December.  Hammer could be looking at a nomination if he takes the role. Is there any doubt he won't?