'General Hospital' Pages James Franco, STAT!

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How awesome is James Franco? That question, of course, is rhetorical, because if you tried to actually figure out the answer you'd have to build an awesomeness scale taller than Earth and really, where would you put it? So let's just go with "really awesome," a label Franco has earned once again today with TV Guide's announcement that the star will once again be returning to "General Hospital."

Yes, soap fans and Francophiles alike can rejoice, because Franco, who previously appeared on two arcs of the long running daytime soap, has agreed to return to "General Hospital" for a special two-episode guest stint timed to coincide with his Oscar hosting duties in February.

"When we realized James would be in L.A. for the Oscars and all the other awards shows, we asked if he'd consider coming back and doing a little something for us," "General Hospital" executive producer Jill Farren Phelps told TV Guide. "He was happy to do it and requested that we use the appearance to plug his next story. He's also expressed an interest in directing at "GH". He's been really, really good to us. Whatever James wants, we'd love to make it happen!"

Eagle-eyed readers will also notice a particularly interesting phrase in Phelps's comment -- "his next story." That's because it turns out that Franco has already formed plans to return a fourth time to "General Hospital" later in 2011 for a longer arc centered around his character, a homicidal artist named, you know, Franco.

For now, though, two episodes is all his schedule will permit, which is no surprise considering he's busy juggling film roles like "127 Hours" with his Oscar hosting duties, his ongoing collegiate studies, writing gigs and art exhibits. But tf that seems like a lot, don't worry, all you have to do is watch. So set your DVRs -- the first episode will air on Friday, February 25 and the second will run the following Monday, February 28.

And get ready to see the Franco Awesomeness Meter stretch even farther into the stratosphere.