James Cameron Chases the Sun With 3-D Cirque Movie

[caption id="attachment_21583" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Cirque du Soleil / Getty Images"]Cirque du Soleil and James Cameron[/caption]

How do you follow up a film like "Avatar" (Besides making sequels to "Avatar")?

James Cameron has an idea: the special effects guru has signed on to produce a family-oriented 3-D feature set in the world of Cirque du Soleil.

In this yet-to-be titled film, the main character is transported to a magical land teeming with (you guessed it!) Cirque performances. Footage for the film is being captured with 3-D cameras at various Cirque shows in the real-life magical land of Las Vegas.

Andrew Adamson, who directed the first two installments of "Shrek" and "Chronicles of Narnia," penned the story for this project and has already saddled into the director's chair. He's currently in New Zealand, shooting the narrative scenes that will give the movie its shape, Deadline reports.

Adamson and Cameron have big dreams for this film, which they hope to be only the first in a series of many family features based on the already popular Cirque franchise.

Cameron has also committed to two other high-profile 3-D films, a remake of "Fantastic Voyage" and an adaptation of "At the Mountains of Madness." But never fear—Cameron will still direct (at least) two more installments of "Avatar."