Cool Clicks: That 'Beaver' Has a Filthy Mouth

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to...

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In we-saw-this-coming-but-it's-still-hilarious news, here's a redub of "The Beaver" trailer on FilmDrunk. In the real trailer, the voice of the beaver is done by Mel Gibson, in character. In the redub, the voice is done by Mel Gibson... in a NSFW, sexist, racist rage. GOOD TIMES.

Aww, look. Voldemort himself is getting in the "Twilight" spirit now that Eclipse is out on DVD and Blu-ray.

Kevin James and Adam Sandler are putting their Chuck and Larry together again -- this time, with more gas! The two comedians are teaming up for Sony's upcoming comedy "Valet Guys." (Get it? Gas? Cars? Never mind.)

Movies and YA novels have had a loving relationship this year, with scads of adaptations in the works. Head over to Hollywood Crush to weigh in our your favorite -- is it "Hunger Games?" "I am Number Four?"

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a man claiming DreamWorks stole the idea of "Kung Fu Panda" has won a round in court, earning the right to a discovery phase.

The MPAA works hard, but we gotta admit, sometimes their ratings decisions are for the birds. "Blue Valentine," NC-17? For real? The AV Club has called out some of their most egregious ratings boo boos.