Daft Punk Scores With 'TRON: Legacy' Soundtrack

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When it was announced 18 months ago that half-French/half-robot DJ duo Daft Punk were on board to score and produce the soundtrack for the upcoming "TRON: Legacy," as much was made of the duo's involvement as the movie itself.

The blogs went wet, gushing over the synergy between the group's dancey, futuristic sounds and the glimmering futureworld of a film based on a 1982 movie that, at the time, was at the forefront of computer graphic imagery.

But to paraphrase Paul Simon, If you took all the Daft Punk film collaborations, they'd never match my sweet imagination.

 Untainted fantasy is usually better than reality and with the massive marketing blitz being showered on Daft Punk, the end result is a lot of sound and fury signifying, well, not nothing, but a fairly standard symphonic film score with added electronic flourishes.

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Over 24 tracks, the soundtrack has more in common with Hans Zimmer ("Recognizer") and John Williams ("Rectifier") then anything the duo have recorded in the past. (You have to get to track 12, "End of Line," to hear a beat.) Sure, the chugging "Rinzler" and pulsating "Derezzed" conjure up visions of Kraftwerk and Juan Atkins, respectively. But taking a look at my notes after an initial listen yields the same words repeatedly: "ominous," "strings," "dark" "synths."

Maybe we're being unfair -- scores obviously work better with its visual inspirations accompanying them – but for a project hyped as being DAFT PUNK'S ORIGINAL SCORE!!!!, the "TRON: Legacy" soundtrack stands as an admirable, yet relatively pedestrian, album.

Full Tracklisting:

1. "Overture"

2. "The Grid"

3. "The Son of Flynn"

4. "Recognizer"

5. "Armory"

6. "Arena"

7. "Rinzler"

8. "The Game Has Changed"

9. "Outlands"

10. "Adagio for Tron"

11. "Nocturne"

12. "End of Line"

13. "Derezzed"

14. "Fall"

15. "Solar Sailer"

16. "Rectifier"

17. "Disc Wars"

18. "C.L.U."

19. "Arrival"

20. "Flynn Lives"

21. "Tron Legacy (End Titles)"

22. "Finale"

23. "Father and Son"

24. "Outlands, Part II"