Traffic Alert: There's a 'Vanishing on 7th Street' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_21333" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Herrick Entertainment"]Hayden Christensen in "Vanishing on 7th Street"[/caption]

Next time you fire up your GPS, here's a little hint about the directions it gives you: 6th Street is fine and 8th is totally cool, but, no matter what it tells you, don't go down 7th Street. That would be a really bad idea.

Why? Because according to the new horror trailer from "The Machinist" director Brad Anderson, there's a "Vanishing on 7th Street" -- and no matter how good your Garmin is, once you vanish, you'll never find your way back.

Starring Darth Vader himself,  Hayden Christensen, along with Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo, "Vanishing on 7th Street" tells the chilling tale of a group of folks who wake up one day to discover almost everyone in the world has vanished mysteriously. Yes, this means shorter lines at Starbucks, but it also means bone-chilling terror, because as the sun begins setting earlier and earlier, weird shadow-people begin to emerge from the darkness and...

You know what? Just watch the trailer for yourself, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. But remember: light is good, death is bad.

And those are directions we think just about anyone can follow.