'Tangled' Vs. 'Toy Story' at 2010 Annie Awards Nominations

[caption id="attachment_21179" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Disney"]"Tangled" and "Toy Story 3"[/caption]

Disney has tough competition in the form of itself this year, as "Tangled" and "Toy Story 3" will compete against one another, along with a host of other fantastic animated films, at the 38th Annual Annie Awards.

The Annie Awards will be a battleground for the upcoming Oscar animation awards. This year, only three animated films will be nominated. Why? Because the rules that govern the Oscars are laughably outmoded. But that's beside the point.

Fact is, the Annie Awards deserve attention amongst the many other awards shows because so many great animated films were released in 2010, arguably more than traditional films. "Tangled," "Toy Story 3," "How to Train Your Dragon," "Despicable Me" and "The Illusionist" will jostle for the Best Animated Feature award.

Here's a list of all the nominees.

Best Animated Feature

"Despicable Me" (Illumination Entertainment)

"How to Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

"Tangled" (Disney)

"The Illusionist" (Django Films)

"Toy Story 3" (Disney/Pixar)

Best Animated Short Subject

"Coyote Falls" (Warner Bros.)

"Day & Night" (Pixar)

"Enrique Wrecks the World" (House of Chai)

"The Cow Who Wanted To Be A Hamburger" (Plymptoons Studio)

"The Renter" (Jason Carpenter)

Best Animated Television Commercial

Children's Medical Center (DUCK Studios)

Frito Lay Dips - "And Then There Was Salsa" (LAIKA/house)

"How To Train Your Dragon" Winter Olympic Interstitial - "Speed Skating" (DreamWorks)

McDonald's - "Spaceman Stu" (DUCK Studios)

Pop Secret - "When Harry Met Sally" (Nathan Love)

Best Animated Television Production

"Futurama" (The Curiosity Company in association with Fox)

"Kung Fu Panda Holiday" (DreamWorks)

"Scared Shrekless" (DreamWorks)

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Arc Troopers'" (Lucasfilm Animation, Ltd.)

"The Simpsons" (Gracie Films)

Best Animated Television Production for Children

"Adventure Time" (Cartoon Network)

"Cloudbread" (GIMC)

"Fanboy & Chum Chum" (Nickelodeon, Frederator)

"Regular Show" (Cartoon Network)

"SpongeBob SquarePants" (Nickelodeon)

Best Animated Video Game

"Heavy Rain" (Quantic Dream)

"Kirby's Epic Yarn" (Good-Feel & HAL Laboratory)

"Limbo" (Playdead)

"Shank" (Klei Entertainment Inc.)

Animated Effects in an Animated Production

Andrew Young Kim, "Shrek Forever After" (DreamWorks)

Jason Mayer, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Brett Miller, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Sebastian Quessy, "Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" (Warner Bros.)

Kryzstof Rost, "Megamind" (DreamWorks)

Character Animation in a Feature Production

Mark Donald, "Megamind" (DreamWorks)

Anthony Hodgson, "Megamind" (DreamWorks)

Gabe Hordos, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Jakob Hjort Jensen, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

David Torres, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Character Animation in a Live Action Production

Quentin Miles, "Clash of the Titans"

Ryan Page, "Alice in Wonderland"

Character Design in a Feature Production

Sylvain Chomet, "The Illusionist" (Django Films)

Carter Goodrich, "Despicable Me" (Illumination Entertainment)

Timothy Lamb, "Megamind" (DreamWorks)

Nico Marlet, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Directing in a Feature Production

Sylvain Chomet, "The Illusionist" (Django Films)

Pierre Coffin, "Despicable Me" (Illumination Entertainment)

Mamoru Hosoda, "Summer Wars" (Madhouse/Funimation)

Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Lee Unkrich, "Toy Story 3" (Disney/Pixar)

Music in a Feature Production

Sylvain Chomet, "The Illusionist" (Django Films)

David Hirschfelder, "Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" (Warner Bros.)

John Powell, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Harry Gregson Williams, "Shrek Forever After" (DreamWorks)

Pharrell Williams and Heitor Pereira, "Despicable Me" (Illumination Entertainment)

Production Design in a Feature Production

Yarrow Cheney, "Despicable Me" (Illumination Entertainment)

Eric Guillon, "Despicable Me" (Illumination Entertainment)

Dan Hee Ryu, "Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" (Warner Bros.)

Pierre Olivier Vincent, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Peter Zaslav, "Shrek Forever After" (DreamWorks)

Storyboarding in a Feature Production

Alessandro Carloni, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Paul Fisher, "Shrek Forever After" (DreamWorks)

Tom Owens, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Catherine Yuh Rader, "Megamind" (DreamWorks)

Voice Acting in a Feature Production

Jay Baruchel as Hiccup, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Gerard Butler as Stoick, "How To Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Steve Carrell as Gru, "Despicable Me" (Illumination Entertainment)

Cameron Diaz as Fiona, "Shrek Forever After" (DreamWorks)

Geoffrey Rush as Ezylryb, "Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" (Warner Bros.)

Writing in a Feature Production

Michael Arndt,  "Toy Story 3" (Disney/Pixar)

Sylvain Chomet, "The Illusionist" (Django Films)

William Davies, Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders,  "How to Train Your Dragon" (DreamWorks)

Dan Fogelman, "Tangled" (Disney)

Alan J. Schoolcraft and Brent Simons, "Megamind" (DreamWorks)

Character Animation in a Television Production

Nicolas A. Chauvelot, "Scared Shrekless" (DreamWorks)

Savelon Forrest, "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III" (ShadowMachine)

Elizabeth Havetine, "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III" (ShadowMachine)

David Pate, "Kung Fu Panda Holiday" (DreamWorks)

Nideep Varghese, "Scared Shrekless" (DreamWorks)

Character Design in a Television Production

Andy Bialk, "The Ricky Gervais Show" (W!LDBRAIN Entertainment)

Stephan DeStefano, "Sym-Bionic Titan" (Cartoon Network)

Ernie Gilbert, "T.U.F.F. Puppy" (Nickelodeon)

Gordon Hammond, "T.U.F.F. Puppy" (Nickelodeon)

Steve Lam, "Fanboy & Chum Chum" (Nickelodeon, Frederator)

Directing in a Television Production

Bob Anderson, "The Simpsons" (Gracie Films)

Peter Chung, "Firebreather" (Cartoon Network Studios)

Duke Johnson, "Frankenhole: Humanitas" (ShadowMachine)

Tim Johnson, "Kung Fu Panda Holiday" (DreamWorks)

Gary Trousdale, "Scared Shrekless" (DreamWorks)

Music in a Television Production

J. Walter Hawkes, "The Wonder Pets!" (Nickelodeon Production & Little Airplane Productions)

Henry Jackman, Hans Zimmer and John Powell, "Kung Fu Panda Holiday" (DreamWorks)

Tim Long, Alf Clausen, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, "The Simpsons: Elementary School Musical" (Gracie Films)

Shawn Patterson, "Robot Chicken's DP Christmas Special" (ShadowMachine)

Jeremy Wakefield, Sage Guyton, Nick Carr, Tuck Tucker, "SpongeBob SquarePants" (Nickelodeon)

Production Design in a Television Production

Alan Bodner, "Neighbors From Hell" (Fox)

Barry Jackson, "Firebreather" (Cartoon Network)

Pete Oswald, "Doubtsourcing" (Badmash Animation Studios)

Richie Sacilioc, "Kung Fu Panda Holiday" (DreamWorks)

Scott Wills, "Sym-Bionic Titan" (Cartoon Network)

Storyboarding in a Television Production

Sean Bishop, "Scared Shrekless" (DreamWorks)

Fred Gonzales, "T.U.F.F. Puppy" (Nickelodeon)

Tom Owens, "Kung Fu Panda Holiday" (DreamWorks)

Dave Thomas, "Fairly OddParents" (Nickelodeon)

Voice Acting in a Television Production

Jeff Bennett as The Necronomicon, "Fanboy & Chum Chum" (Nickelodeon & Frederator)

Corey Burton as Baron Papanoida, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (Cartoon Network)

Nika Futterman as Asajj Ventress, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (Cartoon Network)

Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown, "The Cleveland Show" (Fox)

James Hong as Mr. Ping, "Kung Fu Panda Holiday" (DreamWorks)

Writing in a Television Production

Daniel Arkin, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Heroes on Both Sides" (Lucasfilm Animation Ltd.)

Jon Colton Barry and Piero Piluso, "Phineas & Ferb: Nerds of a Feather" (Disney Channel)

Geoff Johns, Matthew Beans, Zeb Wells, Hugh Sterbakov, Matthew Senreich, Breckin Meyer, Seth Green, Mike Fasolo, Douglas Goldstein, Tom Root, Dan Milano, Kevin Shinick and Hugh Davidson, "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III" (ShadowMachine)

Billy Kimball and Ian Maxtone-Graham, "The Simpsons: Stealing First Base" (Gracie Films)

Michael Rowe, "Futurama" (The Curiosity Company in association with Fox)

Winsor McCay Award: Brad Bird, Eric Goldberg, Matt Groening

June Foray: Ross Iwamoto

Ub Iwerks Award: Autodesk

Special Achievement: “Waking Sleeping Beauty”