Yowza! Check Out Emma Stone's New, 'Spider-Man'-Ready Blonde Hair

[caption id="attachment_21101" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Emma Stone[/caption]

Scientists are still trying to determine whether blondes do, in fact, have more fun, but it's pretty clear to most researchers that society at large treats blonde women differently than their brunette or redhead counterparts.

Case in point: the current mini-uproar over the hair color of budding superstar Emma Stone for her upcoming role as Gwen Stacy in "Spider-Man."

Comic book cognoscenti, of course, know that Stacy is blonde in the comic books, while Stone watchers will hasten to point out that her natural hair color is also blonde.

Still, Stone has become a movie sensation while wearing her trademark gorgeous red coiffure, which is why pundits and internet ragers have been arguing for weeks whether she should have been cast in the part -- an argument likely to go supernova once people get a look at the state of her locks yesterday.

Yes, batten down the hatches, because last night Stone stepped out in her new, light 'do in preparation for her role as Stacy, appearing on the red carpet at Trevor Live, a fundraising event for The Trevor Project.

And, while there were plenty of other stars in attendance, from Jessica Alba to the cast of "Glee," one quick turn around the online world makes it clear that the center of attention wasn't a celebrity at all, but rather Stone's shiny head of platinum tresses.

While we confess she does bear more of a resemblance to Gwen Stacy than we originally anticipated, we're still on the fence over this one. It's not that she looks bad blonde, it's just that we looooove the red so much. But art requires sacrifices, so we guess we can handle this for one film anyway. Just don't make this a habit, okay, Emma?

But what do you guys think? Is blonde the bomb or do you want Stone to put the red back in red carpet next time she goes out on the town? Let us know what you think -- and let us know soon.

Because without your opinion to settle the matter, there's no telling just how long this argument will continue to destroy the 'net.