Lance Bass Campaigning for Oscar for Justin Timberlake in 'The Social Network'

[caption id="attachment_21009" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sony / Getty Images"]Justin Timberlake in "The Social Network" and Lance Bass[/caption]

Even after all these years, Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake are still very much 'n sync.

Lance doesn't hesitate to name the film of 2010 he thinks stands above the rest -- "The Social Network" -- and who from the film is especially deserving of a wink from the Academy.

"I think 'The Social Network' just made sense for everyone," he told NextMovie exclusively. "It was something that everyone had in common. Everyone could relate to it. Even I finally got a Facebook page, and honestly, it changed my life. The movie captured that revolution, and Justin helped capture that revolution."

So, does he think his former bandmate deserves an Oscar?

"Of course! Justin did an amazing job in the movie. He was incredible. I think the movie itself should be nominated for sure as well. I mean, why not?"

Lance last saw Justin at the New York premiere of the movie. "I was excited to see Justin regardless, but then, when I saw the film, it just blew me away. And he blew me away. His portrayal of Sean was just amazing."

Asked if he gave Justin any tips on his performance after seeing the film, Lance joked, "Yeah. I'm gonna give him tips."