'Aliens' Gets TRON-itized

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The once hot "Alien" franchise has cooled off a bit in recent years. (It's archenemy, "Predator," meanwhile, keeps chugging along.)

So what better way to give those of us who love our "Aliens" a much-needed treat than to latch on to the current "TRON" fever spurred by the can't-quite-get-here soon-enough release of "TRON: Legacy"?

Ain't It Cool News put a call out for "TRON"-flavored mashups, and far and away the coolest video finds a lit-up Sigourney Weaver doing battle in the classic's climactic showdown (the "Joe vs. the Volcano" and "Big Lebowski" edits are also well worth your time).

With the "Aliens" cut, though, it's like you're seeing the climax of James Cameron's 1986 sequel staged at a Studio 54 after party that has gone horribly wrong. And it's just awesome.

GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU 01000010 01001001 01010100 01000011 01001000 !!! from Benni Diez on Vimeo.