Every Bill Murray Character Ever: Now in .gif Form

[caption id="attachment_14463" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Buena Vista"][/caption]

So you've signed up for a message board or maybe you just want a change on your profile picture. You need a picture to best represent you... so once again you turn to Bill Murray.  

He's portrayed so many iconic characters over the years, how can you choose just one? Maybe you feel Steve Zissou best represents you, or perhaps Dr. Peter Venkman. Well now, thanks to Derek Eads you no longer have to choose.

Via his Tumblr's Bill Murray Week, Eades has gifted (pun intended) the world with every human (sorry Garfield) Bill Murray character all in one convient gif. Be sure to check it every day this week where Eades will no doubt give us even more reasons to be Thankful.