Nicolas Cage Loses His S**t for Four Minutes Straight

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Nobody loses their s**t more often than Nic Cage. In fact, it's kind of amazing that he has any sh*t left. 

To save us hard-working Americans the time it would take to watch every Nic Cage movie just for the the pleasure of seeing him lose said s**t, or watching him punch a woman (or several), master editor  Harry Hanrahan has taken 17 Nic Cage movies and distilled the greatest bits into one four-minute chunk of complete crazy.

Witness all the bizarre hairstyles and unrealistic, cartoonishly strange accent choices. Beware though, it's downright hypnotic. We watched it three times in a row and had to be pulled away from our computers.  

Let's hope that Nic Cage's unending well of s**t never runs dry, because nothing is more entertaining than watching him lose it so expertly.

Warning: Video contains profanity and is thus NSFW.