Daniel Day-Lewis Is Abraham Lincoln, Honestly!

[caption id="attachment_19138" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Daniel Day-Lewis[/caption]

In these troubled times, our nation cries out for a legendary leader to return America to greatness.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that leader has finally been found -- and it's Daniel Day-Lewis.

Dust off your top hats and start splitting some rails, because the Oscar-winning actor behind such films as "There Will Be Blood" and "My Left Foot" has inked a deal with DreamWorks to play none other than President Abraham Lincoln in the long-awaited biopic of the Great Emancipator from equally legendary director Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg, of course, has been working on this thing for seemingly four score and seven years; when we last checked in, Liam Neeson was the rumored star. But it seems as though things are finally moving forward for the often stalled production, because while Day-Lewis may not quite have Honest Abe's stature (he clocks in at a shade over 6-foot-1 compared to Lincoln's 6' 4") he certainly has the acting chops to pull off what is sure to be one of the most complex roles of his career.

And now that Spielberg has finally found his Lincoln, he can turn his attention to making some tough casting decisions for other key players in the Lincoln Saga, such as Mary Todd Lincoln (Melissa Leo, maybe?), General William Tecumseh Sherman (Jason Statham?)  and John Wilkes Booth (a perfect role for Casey Affleck).

Whoever ends up joining the cast of "Abraham Lincoln," we already know one thing thanks to "Gangs of New York:" Day-Lewis sure knows how to rock a top hat. Sign us up.