Coens' 'Gambit' Remake Pinches Funds, Director

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It isn't Joel and Ethan Coen's take on our favorite card-slinging X-man, but "Gambit," the 1966 British film of the same name, has funding and a director, reports Deadline.

Yes, we're bummed the two of the greatest living screenwriters still haven't sold out and penned the end all be all superhero film. But beggars can't be choosers, and this comedy caper remake has potential, too.

Crime Scene Pictures, a new studio with a humorously blunt name, will provide the dough and Michael Hoffman ("Station Agent," "One Fine Day") will direct. The film will shoot next spring in London.

The original film stars Michael Caine as a thief determined to commit the perfect robbery.  The mark is a billionaire. The prize is a rare statue. And "the gambit" or "the window-dressing" or "the distraction" is Nicole, played by Shirley MacLaine, a beautiful woman who looks eerily similar to the mark's late wife

How much of that story the Coen brothers' script retains is unknown. As writers, they've shown a good movie is the only goal, not some misguided loyalty to an old film. If the film still worked today, we suspect they wouldn't want to remake it.

No special powers or wild special effects here. Just exceptional storytelling. Oh bother, how will we survive.