Baby Elephants, Orangutans and Morgan Freeman in 'Born to Be Wild 3-D' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_18985" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Warner Bros."]"Born to Be Wild 3-D" poster[/caption]

There's always been something comforting about a film with narration by Morgan Freeman. 

A few years ago, we were treated to his strangely calming voice as we witnessed "The March of the Penguins." Freeman even managed to give Stephen Spielberg's "War of the Worlds" some extra class by book-ending the film with a smooth yet authoritative monologue. 

Now, Morgan is back to narrate the story of orphaned elephants and orangutans, victims of man's infiltration of their territories, and some of the interesting folks who rescue and raise them.

Captured in IMAX 3D, "Born to be Wild 3D" will transport moviegoers into the lush rainforests of Borneo and across the Kenyan Savannah with primatologist Dr. Birute Galdikas and elephant expert Dame Daphne Sheldrick as they and their team rescue these cute baby animals. 

The eye-popping photography looks to give us an up-close and personal look at what it takes to rehabilitate these little guys before returning them back to the wild.

If Al Gore didn’t convince you to reduce your carbon footprint with "An Inconvenient Truth," it looks like seeing a few wide-eyed orphaned elephants drinking from baby bottles just might. 

The plight of the elephants and orangutans set to the soothing sounds of Mr. Freeman will open exclusively on IMAX screens Apr. 8, 2011.