Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Find Out!

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You don't honestly believe you'd survive a zombie apocalypse, do you? Like, you're reading a blog. People who read blogs don't survive zombie attacks. You're probably lounging in a high-grade office chair, slurping down some boutique java. Maybe you could outrun the lurch of one zombie. But the long-term survival skills -- firing a rifle, building a fire, killing a reanimated loved one -- escape you.

What, you disagree? Well fine, prove us wrong.

That's right, gird your flesh from the undead horde. We double dog dare you.

Thanks to the power of YouTube, crafty design and public domain, anyone can test their zombie survival skills with "Editing the Dead."

We failed. A number of times. Keep that on the down low. Our deaths were especially humiliating because we've seen "Night of the Living Dead," the film this survival game re-edits, a dozen times.

Oh well. Should zombies ever inherit the earth, we'll be sure to locate the nearest armed and modestly handsome father figure. They usually make it to the end.