Denis Leary Finally Finds Someone to Rescue Him: Spider-Man

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Some people you just expect to see in superhero movies, you know -- people like Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds, for instance, seem to have a whole closet full of spandex for every occasion. And then there are people you never expect to show up in a superhero movie, such as, oh, Denis Leary maybe?

Well, prepare to have your expectations crushed, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Leary is currently in negotiations to appear in the upcoming 'Spider-man' relaunch.

Before you go nuts trying to figure out which supervillain Leary is slated to play, don't bother; sadly, he's not going to play The Spot, Humbug or Hammerhead. Instead he will be playing a classic mainstay of the series, police captain George Stacy, who in the comics was Spidey's strongest supporter inside the establishment.

He was also, of course, father to Peter Parker's number one squeeze, Gwen Stacy, who will be played by Emma Stone in the relaunch. Don't get too attached to Leary, though; unfortunately for everyone, he eventually was killed while trying to protect bystanders from a battle between Spidey and Doc Ock.

Whether or not that will occur in the first movie or be saved for a potential sequel is still unknown, but for our money, we can't wait to see Leary don the dress blues of New York's finest. After all, if there's one thing he's proven with his years on FX's "Rescue Me," it's that he looks good in a uniform.

Now if only he were playing a villain like Stilt-Man or The Kangaroo...