'Paranormal Activity 3' About to Scare Up More Box Office Bucks

[caption id="attachment_12673" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Paramount"]Paranormal Activity 2[/caption]

"Paranormal Activity 2" has only just crept off the big screen, and we imagine many of you are only just now resuming your normal sleeping pattern.

Enjoy that restful slumber while you can, because "Paranormal Activity 3" is on its way. 

"Paranormal" franchise creator Oren Peli promises the next installment will be in theaters by October 21, 2011, he tells Dread Central.

Isn't that nice? You have an entire year to get used to household sounds again! You will have only just stopped jumping at every slammed door, or whimpering at a flickering lightbulb before you get to torment yourself all over again.

Peli is naturally tight-lipped as to what the third installment will entail, but "Paranormal" fans know the second part revealed a ghoulish backstory for Katie and Kristi, so there's plenty of mythology to draw upon. We also were subjected to one heck of a cliffhanger which indicated this demonic little saga was far from over.

It will be interesting to see if the series can manage to maintain its pretense – footage culled from security cameras – into a third round. "Paranormal Activity 2" definitely stretched that credibility a bit, and the open ending suggests the filmmakers have written themselves an exit strategy for telling the story in a new format. Perhaps they will abandon security footage for this one and go for more of a narrative documentary approach. That would allow for some new characters, explore the series' demonology further and be a plausible explanation as to why footage of Katie continues to be preserved.

But we’ll see. After all, the fun of the "Paranormal Activity" series is being shocked and surprised, and we're certain Peli has already thought of a million ways he can do that all over again.