A Brief History of People Piss-Wasted in Movies

[caption id="attachment_18705" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."][/caption]

Dfgkser fhkjvn roim emkoc rmmkseo lcmio.

That's about as close to the textual equivalent of Screen Junkies' "Wasted in Movies" supercut as you can get. While we'll never know how many of these actors are playing drunk versus Method acting, we do know this: having to carry your drunk friend home sucks, but drunks in movies are comedy gold (unless it's a movie about alcoholism, then not so much.)

Among our many favorites in this vid, "E.T." and "Team America" have to be singled out for its ludicrousness. Puppets drunk and puking will never not be funny no matter how old we get.