Robert Zemeckis Might Be The Man Behind The Curtain Of 'Wizard Of Oz' Remake

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From "Yellow Submarine" to the Yellow Brick Road?

It looks like it's time to see what kind of tornado 21st-century filmmaking technology can conjure, as Robert Zemeckis is in talks at Warner Bros. to direct the "Wizard of Oz" remake, according to Deadline.

Word that Hollywood is finally doing an "Oz" remake should come as no surprise. What is surprising is that Zemeckis would be working with the original script to the 1939 film (which apparently had no less than 19 writers), which at least saves the studio the cost of a new screenwriter(s).

What's even more surprising is that the "Oz" remake will be completely live-action and will not incorporate performance-capture animation, as has been Zemeckis' favorite format since 2004's "The Polar Express."

Does this mean the "Wizard of Oz" remake will actually be shot on... actual sets, and not in giant green-painted rooms? How bizarre!

Zemeckis is currently working on what looks to be his last (for now) performance-capture animated project, the "Yellow Submarine" remake for Disney. Disney is also putting together its own Oz film, "The Great and Powerful Oz," which Sam Raimi is attached to direct.

"Yellow Submarine" will hit theaters sometime in 2012.

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