Jigsaw's Latest Evil Scheme: Make Kids Watch 'Saw 3-D'

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Thanks to a historically strong batch of animated features, this has been one of the best years ever for kids movies, as "Toy Story 3," "How to Train Your Dragon," "Despicable Me" and others have charmed audiences nationwide. And now you can add the latest feel-good kids flick to the list: "Saw 3-D."

If that doesn't sound quite right to you, well, look at it this way: at least you don't have to deal with the nightmares and permanent mental scars that a batch of children received as an early Christmas present over the weekend. That's because, as WHDH-TV is reporting, a theater in Revere, Mass., accidentally put the wrong film in the projector and subjected a packed theater full of kids to "Saw 3-D" instead of the movie they were expecting, "Megamind."

"The children were told to cover their eyes," the report states, as "scenes of murder and mutilation played for several minutes before the movie theater corrected the problem."

Unfortunately, the damage seemed to already have been done according to one father, who indicated that he and his family probably wouldn't be using the complimentary tickets the theater gave out as consolation because their kids were too traumatized to go back to the theater any time soon.

"He came and slept with us and we thought we had gotten past that years ago. He said that he had a few nightmares," said Dolph Rau. "Again, all that I would like to see come out of this is that its not going to happen again."

Yikes. We think it could have been worse, though; they could have been forced to watch "Piranha 3-D" instead. Here's hoping the little tykes have a chance to enjoy the real "Megamind" sometime soon, though.

Just this time without all the murder porn.

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