'Cars 2' Trailer Burns Internet Rubber

[caption id="attachment_12966" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Pixar"]"Cars"[/caption]

Disney/Pixar's"Toy Story 3" was the biggest film of the year, racking up an impressive $414 million domestically and grabbing rave reviews that have the animated hit poised to make a run at a Best Picture Oscar. So what could Pixar possibly do to top it? Two words: Tow Mater.

The next sequel from the undisputed leader in animation is set to land next summer and now the new trailer for "Cars 2" has landed online and is poised to blow your doors off, anthropomorphic car style.

Here's the skinny on "Cars 2" in one big sentence: Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy are back as race car Lightning McQueen and his dumb tow truck pal Tow Mater but this time they are going worldwide as they participate in an international Grand Prix -- while also getting mixed up in some international espionage on the side thanks to a familiar looking Aston Martin voiced by the legendary Michael Caine.

But, honestly, whatever. Pixar could animate two hours of you napping and we'd be first in line at the theater because everything they do turns to movie gold. So while we're stoked to see Caine as secret agent Finn MacMissile -- which we've already claimed as our new Xbox gamertag -- and the rest of the typically top-notch animation, the details aren't quite as important as they might usually be when a new trailer comes out.

After all, regardless of what's in the trailer, you're going to see "Cars 2." We're going to see "Cars 2." Everyone's going to go see "Cars 2." On June 24th. And frankly, that's the way things should be.

For now, though, you can at least satisfy your curiosity with this new clip, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.