Jason Statham Blows Up The World In 'The Mechanic' Trailer

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The Transporter is gone. Now there is only "The Mechanic."

While it's always initially somewhat problematic to accept a professional murderer as a "hero" in a movie, it's reconciled fairly quickly when that professional murderer is JASON STATHAM (yes, his name should only ever be written in all-caps), the Coolest Man in the Universe.

FirstShowing.net has the trailer for STATHAM's latest action flick, "The Mechanic." Watch as STATHAM kills a dude in his own pool, douses a car in gasoline and blows up someone's collection of vinyl records, all to earn a paycheck.


Meanwhile, Donald Sutherland does his "I'm old and I have regrets" routine and seems to be dead by the end of Act One (shades of "The Italian Job" on all counts, which also starred JASON STATHAM) and Ben Foster, as always, looks like he's about to burst every vein in his body.

Watch the trailer below, then go see the movie when it comes out Jan. 28.