'Borat' Team May Reunite for 'The Dictator'

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It's taking every ounce of our self-restraint to not quote "Borat" like a yuppie in a level zero improv class.

Director Larry Charles ["Borat," "Bruno"] may reunite with actor Sacha Baron Cohen ["Borat," "Bruno"] for "The Dictator," reports The Los Angeles Times.

Following "Borat," Charles directed Baron Cohen's "Bruno," along with Bill Maher's anti-religion documentary "Religulous" and a couple episodes of Larry David's HBO comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm." None of the projects, however, stuck with the nationwide audience like "Borat" and his special cocktail of naivety and cultural insensitivity.

"The Dictator," which The Los Angeles Times says, "is about the parallel stories of a goat herder and deposed foreign dictator who gets lost in this country" may have what it takes to make lightning strike twice.

The film would also reunite Charles with Alec Berg, Jeff Schagger and David Mandel, the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" writers that penned "The Dictator"'s script.

There's no word on when "The Dictator" will start filming. Baron Cohen must first rap his role in Martin Scorsese's "Hugo Cabaret" before playing the film's goat herder and its dictator.

Yes, he's playing both parts, because Baron Cohen's determined to be our generation's Peter Sellers.

So there you have it: Larry Charles, the man who directed "Borat," may reunite with the films' star, Sacha Baron Cohen once again… Is nice!