Disney Asks Stars: Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been a 'Muppet?'

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If you get an email in the next few days that says something along the lines of "looking to hire someone who enjoys playing with puppets for one day of intense work," don't worry, it isn't some kind of sicko porn spam -- it's just the latest casting call for the new "Muppet" movie. And apparently everyone in Hollywood is answering it.

Okay, so Jason Segel and the folks behind the "Muppet" relaunch probably don't have to resort to sexting in order to get people to appear in their movie, but whatever they are doing, they are doing it right, because The Hollywood Reporter is announcing that another massive batch of megastars has signed on for cameos. Among the new puppet wranglers: Jack Black, Zach Galifiniakis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Billy Crystal and Alan Arkin.

This in addition to the cast additions we told you about last week, which include folks like Danny Trejo, Donald Glover, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones and maybe even Lady Gaga if rumors are to believed.

Some rumors, though, are apparently just that, as "Glee's" Jane Lynch has now denied any involvement in "The Muppets," which, you know, is a major bummer. Still, there's plenty of time for Lynch and every other star in Hollywood to ink a deal, assuming, of course, that producers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman can figure out the logistics of such a complex shooting schedule.

Still, here's hoping they get things worked out, because we'd love to see what kind of roles Segel and Disney can come up with for some of these folks. Galifiniakis, for instance, is apparently going to play a hobo, while Black is set to portray a kidnap victim. And Danny Trejo? Well, still no official word, but we're guessing he rappels through a glass window while swinging from a muppet's intestines.

We'll know soon enough; "The Muppets" is scheduled to begin production any day in order to be ready for release next Christmas.