Daniel Radcliffe Takes Celebrity Geekism to New Level

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Although nerd culture has become more and more mainstream these days, with the stigma of sci-fi almost completely forgotten and the box office raking in the dough from the latest genre flicks, there is one key element of the nerd that is often forgotten by people: Nerds actually know things.

Who better to demonstrate this than Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe?  On a recent appearance on the UK's Graham Norton Show, Radcliffe, alongside fellow guests Colin Farrell and Rihanna, managed to show off both his Broadway-honed musical theater chops and his knowledge of the periodic table by singing Tom Lehrer's "Element Song."

Judging by her reaction, a musical collaboration between Radcliffe and Rihanna probably isn't in the works, but there's no doubt that a lot of "Harry Potter" fans could be asking for chemistry sets this Christmas. [via Movieline]