Brad Pitt Looking to Make Chilean Miner Movie... And Cameo For Angelina

[caption id="attachment_15679" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Brad Pitt[/caption]

Brad Pitt knows how to keep busy both in front of and behind the camera.

The mega-star's production company, Plan B Entertainment, is currently seeking the movie rights to the story of the 33 trapped Chilean miners, who were rescued last month after surviving for two months underground.

There's also a possibility that some of the miners may be negotiating to play themselves in the film, according to The Wrap.

From Miner to Movie Star -- not a bad career move, eh?

Meanwhile, Pitt will also be making a cameo appearance in Angelina Jolie's directorial debut. Angelina's still-untitled film, a war-time love story chronicling the romance between a Bosnian woman and Serbian man, is currently shooting in Bosnia.

According to The Playlist, Brad was spotted on set doing more than just looking after the kids. No details on his role have emerged, though it's been speculated that he may be playing a photojournalist.

Some feel that Pitt's appearance in a film without any other "movie stars" may be more than a little distracting, but hey, no one really blinked when Ralph Fiennes randomly showed up in "The Hurt Locker," did they?

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