Little Did You Know 'Megamind' Is a Fashion Icon

[caption id="attachment_17089" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Dreamworks"]Megamind[/caption]

You may not have realized it while you were mesmerized by his giant blue head this weekend, but "Megamind" is actually all about fashion.

In fact, the animated super-villain rocks some duds that are, quite simply, right on trend. We're talking ripped straight from the Paris runways hip.

Doubt us? Compare what Rihanna would wear with Megamind's cape, and read on...


[caption id="attachment_17097" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Bloomingdales"][/caption]

You don't have to open an issue of Vogue to know that spikes are totally in. And, of course, Megamind dresses himself in spiked leather from head to toe (especially when donning the infamous "Black Mambo" ensemble). Unfortunately for him, this trend tends to favor the ladies (sorry guys presently plotting to take over the world).

•  British designer Julian McDonald is known for his super-spiked leather goods, but good luck finding them. You can ogle a piece here.

•  Balmain is also notorious for launching the trend in the first place, but good luck affording a piece. A jaw-dropping leather studded dress will take you back a jaw-dropping $11,900 at Polyvore.

•  For decidedly less, the mens studded leather moto jacket at Armani Exchange is crazy-hot. $475.

•  For those with not quite that kind of budget, there's this great Via Spiga number. Bloomingdales, $125.25.

•  And you can make any jacket a spiked one with these cool epaulet chains. Things2Die4, $79.99.

•  For the guys (seeing as Megamind is a dude), no true villain is complete without a watch they can talk into. This one happens to record what they're saying. Sweet. U-Spy Store, $149.95.

[caption id="attachment_17099" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Jimmy Choo / Funky Pair"][/caption]

•  Megamind might have a bit of a height complex, because the guy also opts for a major platformed boot when trying to fight save Metro City. Funky Pair, $103.95.

•  Of course, for the ladies, the DSquared Spiked Leather Peep Toe Boots would be a little more practical (although, not much). Mon Cabinetique, $209.99.

•  And a spiked platform slingback by Christian Louboutin might also be more flattering for the ladies. Jimmy Choo Outlet, $269.

•  No killer outfit is complete without accessories, and there are plenty of cool spikes and bullets to go around at Jules Smith. Zoe Bullet ring, $110. Super Stud bangle, $135. Valenti Bullet bracelet, $95.

Roxanne Ritchi

[caption id="attachment_17100" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Dreamworks / Saks Fifth Avenue"][/caption]

Not unlike Tina Fey herself, Roxanne Ritchi has a sleek and sophisticated sense of style and rocks dresses that show off her curves and feminity.

•  The red and grey dress she wears at the beginning of the movie has an Herve  Leger-like bandage style and structure. Saks Fifth Avenue, $1,450.

•  However, when it comes to necklines, that red dress proves she's a Ralph Lauren girl at heart. Saks Fifth Avenue, $855.

•  While Saks may not carry the two colors Roxanne wore in the movie, this RL ruffled number is the animated fashion IRL all the way. Saks Fifth Avenue, $498.

Metro Man and Minion

[caption id="attachment_17103" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Etsy"][/caption]

Brad Pitt's Metro Man has his share of weaknesses, not the least of which is he penchant for fringed white leather gloves. Despite his name, he's a bit of a country boy at heart. You can pick up some gloves like his (and boots to match, should you so desire) for $57.50 at The Wild Cowboy.

Believe it or not, they don't make robot fishbowls so you can have your own Minion, but we think this lightbulb fishbowl is a cool idea that may inspire his owner just the same. Etsy, $17. Or you can just get a 14" talking version of the adorable fish friend. Toys 'R' Us, $27.99.

Hal / Tighten

[caption id="attachment_17106" align="alignright" width="150" caption="CafePress"][/caption]

Before Hal becomes Tighten, he's almost as big a fan of the geek chic T-shirt as our very own NextMovie Daily host, Nar Williams. Here's where to get in on some of those:

•  Hal's shirt declared "Game Over" long before Megamind's final battle: CafePress, $22.

•  "Error 404: Request Not Found" can be found at Zazzle, $23.30.

•  His "Bite Me" tee shows off his inner Twihard. CafePress, $22.

•  Finish the look with Hal's signature "LOL" button. CafePress, $4.

The Toys

[caption id="attachment_17107" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sephora / Amazon"][/caption]

•  Megamind's bobbing bird toy pops up in so many movies -- do you have one yet? Amazon, $10.23.

•  The guy can go a little old school, especially when it comes to music. He rocks out to a boombox cassette player, after all. B&H, $56.95.

•  He stays fresh with Jean Paul Gaultier's classic cologne. Sephora, $42-$78.

•  And then, of course, there are action figures of all your favorite characters from "Megamind." Toys 'R' Us, $10.49.

•  And video games. Best Buy, $19.99-$39.99.