Mark Zuckerberg Critiques Jesse Eisenberg's 'Social' Skills

[caption id="attachment_10072" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sony"]Jesse Eisenberg in "The Social Network"[/caption]

Before "The Social Network" was released last month, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg took every opportunity to talk about how he didn’t want to talk about David Fincher's vision of the last decade of his life.

Actor Jesse Eisenberg, whose cousin happens to be an employee at the social-networking site, attempted to meet Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer in preparation for his portrayal of the "Punk Billionaire Genius" but was denied. Recently, however, the laconic tech wizard has lightened up. Zuckerberg not only admitted that he saw the film, but has spoken positively about it to boot.

Los Angeles Times entertainment writer Amy Kaufman sat down with Eisenberg and his co-star Andrew Garfield (as well as Carey Mulligan, who wasn't in the film) at the Egyptian Theater on Friday where they confirmed the story that Zuckerberg had rented out a movie theater to view the film with a few of his Facebook employees, followed by a round of Appletini’s (which were deemed by Zuckerberg as "the new drink of Facebook").

"He wanted to say that he liked the parts he thought the movie got right, and he wanted to say that I did a nice job," Eisenberg said, citing his cousin as the source.

Eisenberg may finally have Zuckerberg’s praise, but don’t expect the humble actor to get all egotistical. The man who will soon return to "Zombieland" wasted no time saying he felt "terrible" that the CEO had to be so "diplomatic" in his review.

"I realized how uncomfortable this must be for him," the actor said, uncomfortably, with some of those Zuckerberg neuroses still managing to shine through.