Number of Strings Attached to New Ashton Kutcher Trailer: Zero

[caption id="attachment_16530" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Paramount"]No Strings Attached[/caption]

Now this is something worth tweeting about: the trailer for Ashton Kutcher's newest film just hit the Internet and it features Natalie Portman screaming "why can't we just have sex!?" at him at the top of her lungs.

Why not indeed.

Yes, believe it or not but Portman, who is garnering the strongest reviews yet in a career of strong reviews for her role in the Oscar shoo-in "Black Swan," is following up the triumphant masterpiece with a romcom sex farce opposite Mr. Demi Moore.

The title of the movie? " No Strings Attached," which has nothing to do with puppets but instead refers to the fact that the two play friends with benefits who accidentally start falling for each other.

Okay, so its not exactly "V for Vendetta" territory. There is a slight comic book connection to the film, though: it's directed by Ivan Reitman, whose last feature was the Uma Thurman jealous-ex superhero comedy "My Super Ex-Girlfriend."

But enough talk; we're guessing by now you're primed and ready, just like, apparently, Portman's character in this movie. So here's the new trailer, courtesy of Total Film -- no strings attached: