New 'Way Back' Trailer Has Serious Legs

[caption id="attachment_16484" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Newmarket Films"]"The Way Back"[/caption]

It's a story that sounds too crazy even for Hollywood: trapped in a Soviet prison in the heart of Siberia during World War II, a group of prisoners makes a daring escape and then wanders through over 4,000 miles of wilderness -- from tundra to desert to mountaintop -- before finally arriving safely in British-occupied India. Seriously, that couldn't have really happened, could it?

Well, it's happening now: acclaimed director Peter Weir has just released the new trailer for his upcoming film "The Way Back," and it features the epic journey in all it's amazing detail.

Weir, of course, is best known for movies like "Witness," "The Truman Show" and "Master and Commander." Each of those, as you know, featured an all-star cast (think Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey and Russell Crowe) and "The Way Back" is no exception, as Colin Farrell steams up with fellow award magnets Ed Harris and Saoirse Ronan to tell the story.

So is this incredible journey true, or is this just another Hollywood flight of fancy? Hard to say; the movie is based on a memoir from an actual Siberian prisoner-of-war, but the details have been disputed by historians. To which we say: what a bunch of buzzkills. Because once you see this trailer, trust us, you aren't going to care whether it's a true story or not.

You're only going to care about ordering tickets for the January 21 release.

Check out the trailer from Yahoo! and see for yourself: