Mel Gibson Has a Handful of 'Beaver'

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For the past few years, Mel Gibson has been known more for his controversial off-screen antics than for anything he has done on-screen, but now he has the perfect plan to change all that -- and it involves a talking beaver.

Sure, this sounds like some sort of gag, but it's totally true: courtesy of Collider, we can now bring you the first images from "Beaver," a new film directed by Jodie Foster of all people and starring Gibson as a depressed guy who finds redemption in an unlikely form -- a big fluffy beaver hand puppet that talks in a British accent.

What could possibly go wrong?

And Summit isn't just flashing the "Beaver" photos, it has also released a synopsis that is unusual in its precision; you can read the whole thing at Collider, but suffice it to say that the synopsis reveals the entire story from beginning to end, so if you want to be surprised you might want to skip it.

Still, while giving away the entire plot of the movie doesn't seem like the best marketing ploy, in this case it might work, because this picture sounds so unbelievable -- especially given Gibson's recent controversies -- that you may want to see it more once you have a look at the details. Here's a choice excerpt just to get your juices flowing:

"[Gibson's character] Walter soon hits bottom when Meredith kicks him out of the house, and he decides to get drunk and kill himself. The suicide attempt goes awry, and upon waking up, Walter is introduced to “the Beaver” – a beaver puppet he had found in the trash and put on his hand during his drinking binge – who suddenly speaks to him, in a British accent. With the help of the Beaver (a facet of Walter’s personality), Walter gets a new lease on life and returns home. Everything begins to work out wonderfully – he reconnects with Henry through a new hobby in woodworking, the Beaver helps him to woo back Meredith, and the Beaver takes over as CEO and revives the toy company."

Face it: stories like this are why we all love the movies.